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     One of the most satisfying activities is undoubtedly associated with the ability to restore someone's good health. That must also have been the motivation of the first publications about the discoveries of EAV. Then, other health market players started interfering and curtailing the enthusiasm of the EAV pioneers. However, the dynamic continues and in different linguistic areas and countries, entities with dominant position in their health system have enabled and facilitated the promotion of the electro-acupuncture according to Voll. There, this health exam procedure has become well established and included in universitarian study courses. There, one provides personalized treatments, research and publications. To bundle these in a single list — a compilation of knowledge and decades of experience — is important to identify adverse selection and information asymmetry (and thus opaque monopolistic market games) and to make the supply of EAV wider accessible, also in the countries where this method isn’t approved yet. In-depth knowledge and contextual linguistic comprehension are indispensable to study papers in foreign languages and to make this list.
     The aim is that skilled trained health professionals, examining the systematic filled out with the detailed EAV diagnostic and medication test measuring results, contextualize how to approach personalized treatments preferably in a non-invasive way free of side effects. Now more than ever, it is desirable that each patient fortifies his immune system.

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