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Life, disease and healing processes consume and produce in a specific way energies which can reproducibly be measured with the EAV. It's practically possible to make conclusions, based on these measurements, about the equilibrium of physiological processes (or disequilibrium of pathophysiological processes – some call it also MUS “Medical Unexplained Symptoms”) of the living human ecosystem and it's interactive metabolic processes. Detailed research results about EAV from all over the world are put at disposition. In some countries it’s completely integrated in the health system yet, in others, many practitioners contribute to the improvement of life quality and health without being widely recognized. The lack of an official confirmation of the EAV in some countries is, among others, due to the fact that the EAV diagnosticians and medical scientists don’t foster a language independent information exchange like the chemists (periodic table of elements of Mendeleev + chemical formulas), the mathematicians and physicists (formulas), the cardiologists (EKG) as well as the radiologists and pathologists & surgeons (results of histology, cytology and image diagnosis). A communication without language barriers accelerates the innovative research.

Experience with concrete cases

As EAV practitioner one knows the feeling: One works with a very interesting method with which it’s possible to practice a personalized medicine in one’s office. One can choose freely, according to the best of one’s knowledge and belief, therapy strategies without side effects for the best of the patients. In the specialist literature one finds numerous case descriptions and differentiated approaches to different symptoms: “Ah the colleague x has found this solution, the colleague y pursues that strategy, these experiences have been made”, one always learns something new. The work in the practice has to be documented, if something unexpected happens one should remember the details and reconstruct what has been done. It’s clear that one can remember very well the spectacular cases, but the routine has also a right to be documented. Then one observes that the states of inflammation or exhaustion go generally back to normal in a certain manner. One tries to compare the results with these of colleagues: Then one sees that some of them are documenting with the original EAV filing card, others with a bar diagram, quite others with a radar chart and there are the ones who delegate everything to the software of their machine. Who measured which point with which result, how did it develop? The different kinds of documentation are absolutely incomparable, a patchwork of individual cases, innumerable experiences get literally lost of sight, in such a way it’s absolutely impossible to work out a periodicity of the reactivity of the human organism.

Here are some internal factors which slowed down the scientific breakthrough of EAV

apart from the (in History absolutely normal) disputes about the medical doctrine
  1. The EAV was discovered and developed in Germany where medical procedures cannot be patented.
  2. Reinhold Voll as medical practitioner, discoverer and researcher has defined every year until the end of his life with his team the signification of one to two measuring points, i.e. the quantity of measuring points increased steadily during four decades.
  3. There have been various different attempts to simplify the acquired knowledge:
  • 3.1 with regard to the points:
  • Different authors plaid that the terminal points or the control & summation points or other “especial important” measuring points (or even a single one) are sufficient for obtaining meaningful measurements.

  • 3;2 with regard to the equipments:
  • Many measuring apparatus have been designed for facilitating the diagnostics and therapy which work like black boxes “because their functioning isn't revealed for commercial reasons”, for citing Elbs. In his thesis he formulates so aptly: “Reviewing the last decades it is apparent that a large number of equipments and manufacturers, which appeared clearly and media effective, have disappeared.” [p.3 and p.85, quotations translated from the original in German]. Wiegele and Hefele describe how the measuring and display behavior of EAV devices can be verified.

  • The fact, that the simplified procedures have been named and documented completely different complicates the overview and everything is reduced to pure casuistry.
With other words: Up to now, the fragmentation makes it impossible to compare effectively the measuring results and success of treatments, which are based on the discovery of Voll. A proof of effectiveness and scientific recognition of the method EAV - like EKG, EEG and diagnostic imaging (see also Altmann) - is only possible with an identical statistics base which includes a measuring routine and all points.

It must be possible to:
  • consider diagnostics and progress of treatments of practitioners who work with basic or sophisticated measuring devices, and
  • make cross-platform compatible backups of the data of the sophisticated equipments.
Let’s overcome the inertia of the healthcare markets of yesterday and improve the competitive capacity!

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