Dario Läuppi EAV & Risk management in medicine

The EAV opens up the following possibilities to the risk management:
  • When a physiological function of the body systems does not run at 100 percent anymore, people who are conscious of their body notice slight health problems and would like to know about what is going on, so that they can assume proactively their self-responsibility. The EAV diagnostic is then useful for saving valuable time and resources before it is possible getting clinical and anatomic pathology findings (what therefore can avoid later invasive measures that scare many people who suffer from a bodily dysfunction so that they avoid as possible making clinical and imaging examinations). The preclinical EAV measuring results offer a holistic optimization. One can obviously also wait longer or it occurs a sudden event. Then one can – on the scope of the right to a second opinion – verify an established diagnosis:
  • With this independent, non-invasive method it is possible to make a quick double check of a clinical diagnosis (false positive result?) in a cost effective and riskless way and to improve the cooperation between specialists also with regards to the preservation of the natural regenerative capacity and sustainable medicine.
  • The EAV diagnostic is also useful, as described by Rossmann, for rare or incurable diseases. With this diagnostic procedure one can search for dysfunctions and obtain a regulatory system diagnostic and maybe also a pragmatic therapeutic approach:
  • Considering the general conditions of the patient in the medicament test, it is possible to choose immediately the most optimal medicament (minimization of the side effects) and to administer it with certainty: in this way it's also possible to make good use of the waiting time, until the test result from laboratory are ready. Ideal for drawing up a drug prescription plan: The synergy of different medicaments administrated at the same time can be verified before giving and when there are problems, it is easy to look for harmless alternatives. An existing antibiotic resistance can be avoided right from beginning of the treatment. Or how Dmitrenko (Дмитренко Л.) expresses it accurately in her thesis published in 1996, with the medicament testing it's possible to avoid complications as drug shocks and allergies, impact on the genetic code.
  • Considering the regenerative capacity of the patient (comparing the development) gives an optimal basis of decision making, if a surgical operation is really inevitable, so it's possible to save vital resources.
  • The standardized EAV documentation of all measuring points and the measuring routine guarantee a sure and personalized medicine.
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