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With a special device  of electro-acupuncture according to Voll it is possible (without perforating the skin) to obtain measuring results  in determined conditions and on anatomically exactly defined acupuncture points. An EAV check-up takes ¾ to 1½ hour (first consultation) and provides information about kidneys & bladder, liver & gallbladder, stomach & intestines, pancreas, heart & circulation incl. the lymph, lungs, endocrine glands, nervous system, spleen, articulations, skin, allergy, connective tissue, degeneration of organs and fatty degeneration. During this time, are normally measured the points of the hands and feet (1+2), are analyzed the results and is explained the strategy to the patient and are tested the optimal medicaments* for a causal treatment. Normally (= no life-threatening situation) there is another check-up one month later for documenting the development and readjusting the medicaments. A specialist (e.g. a dentist) measures on the specific measuring points of his specialism.

The electro-acupuncture EAV was invented by Reinhold Voll, who asked himself, how is it possible to measure this energy, from which the Chinese are always talking and which can be influenced on the acupuncture points (acupuncture measuring). During forty years, he made his researches and defined the signification of the measuring points.
The EAV is the real bridge between the Chinese tradition and the modern technology and is an energetic reproducible and learnable method.

* Medicament testing = to determine in advance the compatibleness of remedies for detecting the best efficiency and minimizing the side effects see also

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