Dario Läuppi Atlas of all EAV measuring points

In the atlas are all measuring points (MP) illustrated, systematically ordered and described in terms of anatomy. The e-book format offers the advantage that one can click between the synoptic tables, the coherent system and the details of the MP and one can find easily the signification of the measuring points.
Each measuring point is linked in its context:
- to other MP which have a correlation between teeth or eyes and the organs,
- to other MP for a possible further differentiation of the measuring results,
- the routine measuring points are pointed out,
- clear indication of the source in seven medical books of primary and secondary literature in German.
Also are mentioned isopathic organ products for further differentiation. The contexts of the MP heart – blood flow & innervation, passage of food and bile flow are also added.
This work has been translated in different languages, this facilitates the worldwide information exchange.

There are two different full editions of the atlas

1. a normal one, where the measuring points are described and illustrated in synoptic tables and individual interlinked images – a little bit like index cards Sample of the edition for practitioners and students
2. one for the teaching staff and researchers, where there is a compact description and illustration without little MP illustrations and one needs a certain familiarity with handling all EAV points Sample of the teacher and researcher edition

and an abridged edition

In a short version with 12 pages, the routine measuring points of the first page of the periodic table of EAV are simply illustrated and their signification listed in for patients comprehensive terms in the sequence of the meridians of hands and feet Sample of the short version

The atlases can be purchased

 the same books in five other languages:
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