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The exercise of EAV requires skills and knowledge, a general insight into different themes (see e.g. the ample potential) can be given in lectures, conferences, courses & seminars.
Concretely one learns this method in several phases:

Initial in-situ training

The aim is to enable the practitioners to perform qualitative measurements and analysis for a sustainable health and a personalized medicine within a single practice or another care model (e.g. occupational medicine, clinics, Spas etc.).
It’s about the learning how to
   ● take measurements: point localization and systematic, manual skills of measuring according to a overall routine – finger dexterity of the EAV practitioners
   ● interprete the measuring results: basic knowledge, differentiation and contexts: physiological dynamics, therapeutic decision-making and follow-ups, regulate and prevent dysfunctions.
At an institutional level one should focus on an intensive introduction period and a lot of practical exercises associated with experience sharing.
With basic measuring devices, the general practitioners learn how to perform comprehensive health checks and the specialists learn the measuring points of the area of their expertise and specific differential diagnostics.

Advanced training and professional accompaniment (online possible)

for practitioners who have learned the theoretical and practical basics:
   ● Accompanying (case-) study groups
   ● Individual supervision and practical case analysis
integrating the specialist literature.
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