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Standardizations are quality enhancement tools: If someone works with a basic measuring device and documents the results by hand or with a sophisticated IT device – for the practitioner and the scientist it is (from the point of view documentation of medical activity and possible scientific analysis) useful to comprehend at a glance the measuring results and to integer them in the routine and context. So we also elaborated an universal IT version: in this way it's possible to develop the EAV from casuistic to comparative research.

Handling of the electronic version (independent of measuring devices) of the Periodic System of EAV

Input of the results, which the practitioners have selected from all the measuring points, in a new periodic system of EAV file. The results < 45 and > 65 are automatically marked. After the input of the measuring results one can, if necessary

mark the indicator drops
compare with all the inputs of the last consultation and mark the normalized values.
copy automatically the results of the measuring points, which have double fields in the periodic system of EAV (due on completely different significations), into the second field.
check where one stopped.
Practitioners, when you´re using an EAV device with integrated computer program, ask for one with the „Periodic system of EAV inside“

The electronic version of the periodic table of EAV (an Excel file) can be purchased

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